Sunday, December 15, 2019

A letter of introduction from Joel Oppenheim

I have been representing tenants looking for commercial space for 15 years and have had my own company for eleven of those years. I am eager to discuss your clients' real estate requirements and how my firm, The Oppenheim Group can assist in defining and negotiating your company's real estate needs. As we are meeting virtually, I feel the best way to introduce myself is through my clients. Please contact me for a list of business references and telephone numbers.

The Oppenheim Group has positioned itself to represent companies on a national basis realizing that tenants require more that just a "search" for their real estate requirements. Tenants want to know that their interests, not the commission, drive the transaction. Long-term relationships build that trust and create a bond between tenant and broker. While most people in the service business spend upwards of seventy percent of their time selling and only thirty percent of their time generating income, our situation is exactly the opposite, as our clients use us exclusively (and refer us to other clients) based upon our past performance. There are no glossy brochures, just hard work and the absolute commitment to negotiate the very best deal for our clients.

As I am sure you are aware, Landlords pay commissions that are typically split between the broker that represents the tenant and the landlord broker. So the long and short of it is, our involvement is at no cost to the tenant, furthermore it would save a tremendous amount of time in any city in the United States where our expertise is unparalleled. There is no referring a transaction to third parties; we take the assignment to fruition and you always know who your broker is.

Consider this fact; we represent three clients, Philip Morris, Arch Wireless, and Golder Associates on a national basis. We have represented all three since I started my own firm and have never found ourselves in the position of having to fend off competition. Our clients are loyal and trusting and know we enjoy negotiating the best deals we can for them. They are confident that we are first and foremost looking out for their best interests and trust us implicitly to that end. I have enclosed for your benefit a list of the cities in which we have negotiated leases on their behalf.

The Oppenheim Group specializes in office, warehouse (both business parks and bulk), and retail site location. We pay all our own travel and overhead expenses, except in special situations where we are hired by the tenant on an hourly consulting basis. We complete a "first blush" review of the landlord's lease and pass it along to your counsel for input and further comments (thus saving the tenant significant legal fees), and then negotiate those changes and comments into the lease with the landlord's representative.

Clients will receive an objective, unbiased review of all the properties available in the demographic market that is dictated by their specific requirements, wants and needs.

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