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The Oppenheim Group is a real estate consulting firm founded around the expertise and experience of Mr. Joel Oppenheim and Mr. John Snow to exclusively represent users of real estate.

Today, Mr. Oppenheim along with an organization of real estate and financial professionals provide the expertise, knowledge, experience and negotiating skills required to properly assist real estate users in the optimization of their real estate requirements including:

  • How developers make money in real estate
  • How real estate is financed
  • Costs to develop real estate
  • Costs of multiple tenancy buildings
  • Effect of costs on lease rates
  • Risks of being a partner
  • Partner effects on occupancy costs
  • Formulation of negotiation strategy
  • Management of contractor selection process
  • Negotiation of construction contracts
  • Impact on a publicly traded company
  • Cyclical nature of real estate
  • Real estate market cycle in your location
  • Best strategy in different cyclical stages
  • Structuring partnership agreements to reduce risk
  • How to comply with the Internal Revenue Code
  • How to compare a lease to ownership
  • Coordination of architecture, design and engineering
  • Monitoring of construction process

The people at The Oppenheim Group have a complete understanding of these areas and more and apply these skills with the use of the latest computer technology.

Joel M. Oppenheim
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Mr. Oppenheim attended City College of New York, Bernard Barruch School of Business. Upon graduation with a degree in accounting, he pursued a career in restaurant and club operations which resulted in his relocation to Houston, Texas.

Mr. Oppenheim planned, operated, and owned some of the most well known and successful restaurants and clubs in Houston and was highly regarded as a consultant in this field. His involvement in the restaurant and club business enabled him to learn first hand the mechanics of the real estate business through personal investment and negotiation on behalf of others.

Prior to forming The Oppenheim Group, Mr. Oppenheim was Director of Marketing and Leasing for a Houston real estate firm where he represented client companies in the satisfaction of their real estate needs. In addition, he assisted client building owners, as their agent, in procuring buyers and tenants for their buildings while managing the activities of a staff of eight professionals in such representation.

Users of real estate can benefit from Mr. Oppenheim's diverse knowledge of the complete range of factors involved in real estate transactions. This understanding, combined with his ability to determine the needs of both parties in a negotiation, gives him the tools to effectively identify and satisfy clients' real estate requirements.

John Snow
Richmond, Virginia

Personal Professional Experience

  • Principal partner in regional commercial and residential construction and development firm located in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Corporate Real Estate manager - Ethyl Corporation Richmond, Virginia
  • Director of Corporate Real Estate - First Colony Corporation Richmond, Virginia (retired 1997)
  • Real Estate Consulting General Electric Financial Assurance, Insmed Inc., State of South Carolina Economic Development, State of Virginia, Greater Paducah Economic Development, Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce, Global Marketing Advisors, and Wachovia Bank.
  • The Oppenheim Group Houston, Texas
A total of 35 years experience in all phases of real estate which specifically includes; commercial contract leasing, industrial planning and development, site selection, environmental evaluation procedures, ADA compliance review, existing facility assessment, architectural design review, AIA contract review, lease & purchase document review, and oil and gas field real estate management.

Past work included direct interface with research and development facilities, sales offices, manufacturing plants, coal mining operation facilities and corporate headquarter facilities.

Work also includes specialized experience with dismantlement of environmentally contaminated labs, chemical refineries and terminals with compliance procedures for local, State and federal agencies, i.e. superfund sites.

Work history includes in-depth international transactional experience in office leasing and property acquisition in Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

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The Oppenheim Group
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